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Library Picture for the home page


This wiki provides Guidance and Training on all aspects of using the Shrewsbury u3a Arda website. Select an article from the left hand side bar or use the search facility to find what you want. For best results read the Search help first. The sidebar is grouped into the following main sections (you will have to scroll down a bit to see them all - there are a lot of articles):

  • Non Members
  • Members
  • Group Coordinators
  • Category Leaders
  • Committee members
  • Website Admin


Whilst there are help articles for all aspects of the Arda website - and you can read them all if you want, you will only be able to put into practice those elements for which you have permissions for. A Group Coordinator can do more than a regular member, a Committee Member has more privileges than a Group Coordinator or Category Leader and so on. If you are lucky enough to be 'Site Admin' then you can do everything!

Committee, Manage, Manage Members

Page Naming Format

To help give structure to the documentation and so that you know where you are, the articles have been named in the following format:

Membership Group: Section or Menu: Subject

So the article describing this page in the screenshot would be "Committee: Manage: Manage Members". (The Home page is slightly different)

Sidebar Navigation

Similar to the above, links in the sidebar are indented as a sub-link to it's parent. Say if 'The Manage tab' had eight sub sections, then links to those articles would be indented from 'The Manage Tab'

Recommended Reading

Whilst you are free to dance about any of the help articles in any order or even select a random page, they have been written in a logical sequence. Therefore, for the best experience, it is recommended that you start at the beginning of a section and work your way through. Particularly for the Group Coord and Committee positions as some of the screenshots only show a part of the screen and an earlier article will normally show or explain which part of the website you are in.


At the bottom of each page is a 'categories' box (just underneath the bottom yellow Navigate previous or next article banner). This is useful to group pages together for a similar subject. Every page has at least one category of the membership type (member, group coordinator or committee member etc), but other categories exist too, Gift Aid, Send Mail, Permissions and so on. Click on one of the categories to see the pages that are tagged with that category name or from the Special Pages | List of Pages | Categories to see them all.

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