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MyNCSC is a UK government service from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), bringing together a number of Active Cyber Defence (ACD) services into a single, coherent experience. These are currently the Mail Check, Web Check and Early Warning services, which report on an organisation's IT systems.

Not all elements of the UCSC are free, but because we are a charity, we have registered and those elements are free to us.

To allow the NCSC services to interrogate our website a DNS record has been created to validate our domain and link it to our organisation (Shrewsbury u3a) within the NCSC systems. Both parts of the DNS Record (The host value and Txt value) start with "asvdns_" and are followed by a unique 32+ character code.


Now that the NCSC service has a unique key to our website, it polls the site daily to scroll through the DNS records. It reports these results in "Findings". The Findings are categorised within four categories:

  • Urgent
  • Advisory
  • Informational
  • Positive

As you would expect Urgent findings should be investigated and corrected straight away, while Advisory findings can be worked on in a less urgent manor. Informational Findings let you know what is happening and Positive Findings list the good things about the website.

By default, the daily notifications are available from the Bell icon on your dashboard and if you wish you can have then sent as a daily email.

NCSC Notifications
NCSC Notifications

The number of new notifications are identified in the red circle. Nearly all the corrections required are by additional DNS Records. See here for those additional DNS records that we have added.

Understanding the Findings

Having found an issue, the issue will be reported in the findings. Hopefully you will go on to fix it. Subsequent findings will now report that this issue is no longer findable(?). This isn't a problem, it just means that the issue isn't an issue anymore. (It took me a day or two to understand what was happening here.....)

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