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Our u3a operates under the national umbrella organisation of the Third Age Trust. The Third Age Trust provide some national magazines for members like Third Age Matters, if our members would like to be added to this distribution, they need to consent to us sharing their data (name and address) with the TAT, they do this by ticking a checkbox when they join, or through editing their profile. The TAT will only send one mailing to one address meaning that even if both members of a couple tick the TAM tick box, only one copy will be delivered to their letterbox!

The TAM List is available from the Arda website: Committee | Manage Members | TAM Address List and is exported as a spreadsheet to download to your local computer. At regular intervals the Membership Secretary should upload the spreadsheet to the TAT through a secure online portal to ensure GDPR compliance rather than by sending the spreadsheet as an attachment to an email.

If no updated TAM address list spreadsheet is uploaded to the TAT, then postings will be as the previous submission. Similarly, if there is no change to a previous list, there is no need to update it.

The spreadsheet includes name and address details plus the name of our u3a - Shrewsbury. Note that address fields are automatically moved to the left to remove any spaces.

How to upload the TAM Address List (from the TAT themselves)

  • Go to the website u3a Mamsmail
  • Select your U3A from the drop down list (it is quicker to start typing it in the box).
  • Enter the password:
  • Check the tick box for the T&Cs.
  • Click 'sign in'.
  • On the next screen either drag and drop your file into the box, or browse for it.
  • If your database is password-protected, check the box to reveal the password field.
  • Enter your name and email address (and database password if applicable).
  • Click 'submit'.
  • You will receive an email to say it has been received.
  • That’s it!
Third Age Trust Sign in

If you have any queries for magazine subscription data, you can contact them at support dot magazine at u3a dot org dot uk

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