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The primary function of the Category Leaders is to provide a conduit for communication between the Management Committee (primarily the Groups Administrator) and the Group Coordinators. The Category Leaders will also be available to mentor and encourage Group Coordinators to utilise Arda to keep group information up to date and deal correctly with members seeking to join their groups.

The Category Leader should be thoroughly familiar with these support pages, especially those of the Group Coordinator so that they can advise their Coordinators as required.

The list of our 100+ groups have been divided into 9 groups or Categories. They are as follows:

Creative Arts
Indoor Games
Outdoor activities / Sports
Social & Wellbeing

*The Projects category is generally not for "regular" groups, Instead it is for special groups that may be set up by the committee or perhaps a group for the Category Leaders.

The list of Groups found in the Newsletter has now been formatted into these Categories. In the Category Header for each category is the name of the Category Leader.

Currently, the Category Leader has the same privileges as a Group Coordinator (although this may change in the future).

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